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Mission Statement
To become the leading provider of software and software services to our customers. Providing unparalleled service and quality.


OPC Focused on your success!

Office Productivity Consultants is keenly focused on helping you achieve your business goals. By systematically applying a three step process, OPC is able to consistently achieve superior results.  It is not uncommon to reduce a lengthy process that takes days to a few hours. This is accomplished by first performing Needs Analysis, and Work Flow Optimization before beginning the final step of System Development.

While all of this may sound complex, it all begins with a conversation with an OPC specialist. OPC will bridge between the technical side and the operational side of your business.

Each step is crucial to the overall success of your solution. Improper development of the Needs Analysis will lead to a faulty solution since it does not comprehend the entire business solution. Eventually the shortcomings of the solution will be detected and will need to be corrected. This leads to increased cost and lengthy development time. 

Work Flow Analysis is typically done in conjunction with Needs Analysis. Work Flow Analysis identifies those items which do not add value to your process and are candidates for reduction or total elimination. The one-two punch of Needs Analysis in conjuction with Work Flow Analysis results in a strong set of requirements for the System Development Phase.

OPC takes the results of the Needs Analysis/Work Flow Analysis and develops system specifications. OPC takes the requirements and searches for a commercially available solution. This is usually quicker to implement and less costly to the OPC client. If custom development is indicated, OPC now has clear requirements which reduces waste in the development process and saves the client time and money.


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